Affirmations for Writers

Affirmations for Writers Book Cover Compressed

Affirmations for Writers: A Guide to Nurturing Your Creative Life with Affirmations

What if someone said to you, “You are worthy of every dream in your tender heart.”

Feel’s good, doesn’t it? But what if that someone was you? What if YOU were your biggest supporter?

Imagine a writing life where you foster and nourish your creative self with powerful, positive, and heart-centered affirmations. Imagine showing up at the page ready to write, full of passion and hope, and leaving doubt behind.

You’d be more prolific and less burnt out, and you’d learn to face challenges with tenacity and grit. Your life would completely transform.

In Affirmations for Writers, you’ll discover:

  • Over 100 affirmations tailored for writers and creatives
  • What affirmations are and why they’re powerful
  • How to use affirmations to conquer self-doubt, limiting beliefs, and imposter syndrome
  • How to create unique and powerful affirmations to reach your goals

After reading this book, you’ll have everything you need to start your affirmation practice, and your mindset around writing will stop getting in the way of your creative success.